Cuban Adventures

Summer screams Travel and travel means its time to escape the world we live in to find a part of ourselves.  I went on a similar journey this scorching summer  to the lost island of Cuba that is over a 1000 miles away from home only to discover a part of myself.

Continuing the adventure while leaving the hustle and bustle of hectic havana, I travelled to 4 phenomenal Cuban cities covering the western and central part of this stunning country.

I am listing out my itinerary and the excursion trips through my 10 days of travel.

Havana to Villa de Vinales – 2 day stay


Head over to the ViaZul to hop into a bus or choose a more fun option of an old-timer cadillac powered with Hyundai engine that guarantees to get to you to destination in record time of 21/2 hrs.

ViaZul – 15 USD Per/Person (Travel time – 4 hrs)

Taxi – 20 USD Per/Person  (Travel time – 2 1/2 hrs)

Stay recommendation : Villa Pedrito Y Esparanza

Excursion – Horseback riding at $5 an hour. Take a trip around the valley, visit a cigar smokehouse, have a mojito at a stunning #Mirador (view from the top of a mountain) * Tip don’t get carried away or you might have trouble walking the rest of the holiday after a long horseback ride 😛  

FoodEl Olivo is probably the best food you might have in town apart from eating a home cooked meal at the case of course. The chef at El Olivo previously worked in Italy and brings a hint of the authentic cuisine to this cuban town.

Drinks – Head over to restaurant Tapas for drinks (serving the best mojitos is town) Food is not impressive

Entertainment – Live salsa music at the town hall next to the church. Also indulge in a quick warm up session at salsa class in the church premises at $5 everyday at 4 pm.

Villa de Vinales is easily my favourite #Cuban town


Villa de Vinales to Trinidad – 2 day stay


ViaZul – 37 USD Per/Person (Travel time – 10 hrs)

Taxi – 35 USD Per/Person  (Travel time – 6 hrs) You will find taxi guys just opposite the church in Vinales.

*TIP : do not pay the taxi driver the full amount at the start of your journey as you might land up stranded in between the trip when he decides to hand you over to a friend that has a smaller car 😛 

Stay recommendation – Casa Margarita y Arocha No. 27, Between Marti y Fco Petersen ( Cute artist house 2 mintues from the centre and historical cites.

Excursion / Walking tours  – Museo Historico Municipal / Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisimo Trinidad/ Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos / Galeria De Arte

Food – Guitarra Mia but mostly the food at the case is always better.

Drinks – Casa de la Musica on the stairs of Plaza Mayor is perfect for a drink anytime of the day.

Entertainment – Casa de la Musica has free entertainment on the open air stage and is on everyday until 9pm. Don’t leave once the show is over. Mingle with the other tourist and continue dancing until curfew hour starts. Or just before you get to the centre on your left you may join the locals and tourist queued up for a night of mojitos and salsa at the local disco.

A short taxi ride away head to Playa Acon for a dip, tan and vitamin sea. *TIP Watch out for jelly fish. I was lucky enough to get stung 😛


Trinidad to Cienfuegos – 2 day stay


ViaZul – 6 USD Per/Person (Travel time – 1 1/2 hrs)

Taxi – 10 USD Per/Person  (Travel time – 1 hrs)

Stay recommendation –  @Punta Gorda Esperanza ave 36 No. 4511 / Villa Lagarto Calle 35

Excursion / Walking tours – Bus to the centre is 10 minutes. Walking tour of the historic sites in the city / 1 hr drive away is Ponte Niche a simply refreshing trek or hike with 2 chilling waterfalls to dive into. Taxi ride to Ponte Niche is 35 CUC including wait time. Delicious meals served at the campsite.


Food – @Punta Gorda lunch at pretty sea facing sailing Club Cienfuegos / @Centro Best bbq at Restaurant Bouyon 1825 / Romantic date night at Restaurante Villa Lagarto – beautiful deck on the water and enjoy moonlight chats on lazy rocking chairs post your meal.

Drinks – Teatro Cafe in the centre


Cienfuegos to Varadero – 2 day stay


ViaZul – 16 USD Per/Person (Travel time – 4 1/2 hrs)

Taxi – 20 USD Per/Person  (Travel time – 2 1/2 hrs)

Stay recommendation : Melia Resort (All inclusive packages can be booked at cubator once you arrive in the city. Amazing deals starting 50$ per person per night)

Entertainment – Plenty on entertainment organised at different venues in the hotel. All you got to do is take your pick 🙂

We had the best time ever at the resort after roughing it out and simple stays all through the trip


Varadero to Havana – 2 day stay

ViaZul – 10 USD Per/Person (Travel time – 3 1/2 hrs)

Taxi – 15 USD Per/Person  (Travel time – 3  hrs)

Read more on Havana in this post 🙂



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