Moving to Qatar – Starter Pack

Are you considering moving to Qatar? or probably You’ve got the JOB! and you have no idea where to start?

Well, if you are reading this then consider yourself in luck 🙂  This little QATAR starter pack is going to put you on the right track.  I personally moved to QATAR 10 years ago and have had to mostly work my way around things. Ive dug up the information, thrown out numerous questions into the universe and found the most helpful weblinks to assist you move to sand land.

Working in Qatar

Working in the middle east can be quite tricky. Complicated rules and regulations and the lack of correct and valid information maybe hard to find in the whirlpool of the web. Here is all you need to know if you currently contemplating working in Qatar.

Getting Around

FullSizeRender 6

Well once you get here, you might have to settle for the unreliable public taxis for a while. If not download an Uber or Careem APP and your life will be sorted or at least for the time being. Eventually though in due time you’ll need to get yourself 4 wheels with a good damn air-condition to move you around town. If you’re looking how to get a drivers license this post will help.

Stay Connected

You’re lost and your looking for some important nos. to dial at the tip off your finger?  Dial – 180 from your landline for instant assistance.


Although your company may provide you with a medical insurance and without which it would be insanely crazy and stupid to fall sick in this country because of the ridiculously expensive medical fees.  But  did you know that residents with a valid Qatar ID or a health card that you can register for a 100 riyals at Hamad Medical Centre. Services and medicines at government institutions are subsidised. Private clinics are extremely expensive.

Find a home

FullSizeRender 5   FullSizeRender 2

Finding the right house/ apartment for the right amount is a major problem in QATAR. The soaring rent prices, mediocre quality of apartments and lack of keeping up to the housing demand is a big factor in the ridiculously exorbitant rental costs. If you’re not sure where to live? Read up this next link to get a good idea of the areas you may prefer living in. Give yourself time to snoop around and as a *TIP – IF YOU REALLY LIKE A PLACE PUT A DEPOSIT AND SEAL THE DEAL! 99% of the time Apt/villas are rented out sooner than you may like.


Well if you’ve made this move, it would clearly be for 1 reason and that is Money! Although Qatar may offer you a good lifestyle it still misses the simple pleasures of life. While you’re here you will need a safe place to save up or transfer.Most times companies have a preferred bank for their employees. If however you have the choice to choose one for yourself, then these are the top 3 local banks you could opt from.

Family Visa 

As for me , No one should have to live here without family. If you have the opportunity to have your Brady Bunch live with you then this is what you need to know. Here are the documents required and steps for applying for a family visa in Qatar.

Well now once you’ve settled down, you will have plenty of time to explore this fast growing middle eastern city. Coming soon – fun things to keep yourself busy with in boring Qatar x Just Kidding!

Ahlan wa sahlan – Welcome to Qatar!!!

Questandmark X

On the blog you will find plenty of Restaurant recommendations and reviews. If you are looking to escape the city for a day read this :

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