Travelling with WORDS

Books can be dangerous, the best ones are never labelled “This Could Change Your Life” Travelling with words to me is like taking 2 journeys at once. They are comepletly different in their paths and yet when they collide with each other in a single moment it turns into sheer magic. It is these experiences that I long and crave for, It is these moments that change my being. I am listing out my 5 favorite time travel companions to whom I owe my Metamorphosis. No. 1: Life Of Pi by Yann Martel No introduction needed for this oscar winning adaptation. Sold at the very first chapter, this intriguing story pushes the minds imagination and clears all confusion of the games our mind is capable of playing on us. IMG_2211   No. 2 : The Book Thief by Anthony Doerr Falling in love with the captivating father-daughter relationship, I travelled through a vacation with my deceased father reliving all of the wonderful memories of him with the beautiful words in this book. IMG_2213   No 3 : The Invention of Wings by Sue monk Kid Any woman with a wee bit of heart, spirit and ambition should read this book. A hilarious yet true and gritting story of women battling masculinist and racist dispositions of the 1950. IMG_2214   No 4: Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel A confusing story of a taxidermist, a donkey and a monkey. The story only reveals it true form right at the end of the book when the gruesomeness of the the Holocaust is revealed Beatrice_and_Virgil_by_Yann_Martel   No. 5: The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R Carey A chilling an terrifying thriller of a dystopian future that we may be leading towards. The perfect haunting horror novel extremely grotesque in nature. IMG_2215

Safe travels!!!!

Share your favourite books with fellow readers. I have tons of travel plans in the coming months and dying for some good read suggestions 🙂

QuestandMark X

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