Spanish Findings

It was the end of a summer dream but really not quite yet! We had 3 days to work out our Cuban / Latin jet lag in the land of the Spaniards. I am listing my newly discovered Top 3  things to do when in Madrid.

Did you know Madrid has a cable car? Take a trip across the city in a #Teleferico and get an ariel view of this stunning city. Points of interest to look for – The Palace & Madrid Cathedral. Take the train to station – Batan walk to the teleferic post do the ride and get off into the city walking straight to Plaza De Espanya. Trip cost @ 4.20 Euro per person.


Look for words! As you make your journey towards the city head for Calle Campomanes, 13. On your right, just up    the slope you will find #Desperate Literature, a tiny quaint bookshop with quirky little librarian. Pop in to find some funky finds or just something you’ve been meaning to get your hands on. Prices are at a complete bargain and come with almost a guarantee of having a mysterious touch and character of the past owner. As for us we got a date, a few scribbles and big bold Desperate Literature book stamp. Don Quixote @6 Euros


Starved and Parched….Then skip the Skippy chirpy waiters hawking at tourist at Plaza Mayor and walk to Calle Mayor. Look for #Mercado De San Miguel a place that is too saintly and holy not to miss! Walk around and have yourself a feast of endless Tapas starting at 1 euro to a max of 10 for ocean fresh Oysters of course. Drinks are priced at 3 euros a glass of wine and maybe the cheapest than anywhere else in the city. Just simply great atmosphere, delicious food and drink that’s gob smacking good!


Ah, well now for what the Spaniards would say – Buen Provecho!!!!

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