I am going to start this post with a word I learnt in Dutch from my father in law. It was my first Christmas with the family and I sat around the dinner table struggling to understand this rough new language I was all of a sudden exposed to. Through the evening though, as we played games over a long extended dinner and exchanged presents, I was given Dutch lessons. Right then in that moment I was gifted my very first Dutch word and an introduction to all things Dutch.


Gezellig!!! I was told is a feeling of coziness, love and convivial. 7 years later with more knowledge about this stunning country the word “Gezellig” for me is the heart and true essence of Dutch culture.Last week I embarked on a new journey of transcending into finding this “Gezelligheid” in an apartment in the worlds most liberal city – Amsterdam!!! As I made a trip around town, I intently noted down places to see, things to do and experiences to have.


Having prior researched all areas of this beautiful city I am breaking it down to the top 9 streets or “9 straatjes” you must walk through. Also the best place in town to eat fries and of course no trip ends without some good ole food tasting. If good things come in small packages, this city is just it! And in this tiny treasure are 9 hip streets full of fun bars and restaurants serving out both food and art.

1.     Reestraat

2.     Hartenstraat

3.     Gasthuis Molensteeg

4.     Oude Spiegelstraat

5.     Wolvenstraat

6.     Berenstraat

7.     Runstraat

8.     Huidenstraat

9.     Wijde Heisteeg

Now going against what most people say about bland Dutch food I am listing down my top 3 favorites of economical yet absolutely delicious meals to grab around the city.

Vleminckx Amsterdam (snack not meal) Is The best place for the world famous Dutch fries. Here at this tiny little hole in the wall you will find the absolute best the city has to offer served with 22 different sauces. My all time favorite – Samurai sauce ( A mix of chilli and mayo)  Location: xk, Voetboogstraat 31, 1012 XK Amsterdam

Now lets get to the real excitement shall we!! I am drifting from the fries and yet staying on subject 🙂 my most favorite place in the city has got to be Jacketz Amsterdam.


#Jacketz the potato shop located at the corner of Kinkerstraat and Da Costakade delivers delicious wholesome meals suiting every possible palate. The menu offers two sizes of potatoes topped with a wide rage of salads and meats to choose from along with a list of different sauces that can be added on for a few cents. If your not into the potato kind of love then go on and order your self a healthy portion of salad garnished with edible flowers making it look like its been served fresh right off the earth.

At Jacketz almost all items on the menu are vegan, making it perfect for the alternate eaters. If you’re wondering about treating your self to a drink or two then you will find a decent selection of wine, Brouwerij ‘t IJBeers on tap and a range of bottled ones too. What is also not to be missed is the healthy mixed veggie and fruit shakes or a perfect cup of coffee with the yummy gooey brownies for the ones with a sweet tooth. *My favorite potato/salad – Chicken Melt sprinkled with bacon and what I call the –PPP (The Pulled pork Potato) #Jacketznl  http://www.jacketz.nl

#De BierTuin One place I love to to hang out in the summer sun is a place called the Bier Tuin. This beer garden located in Amsterdam east and is bang opposite Oosterpark. De Bier Tuin not only serves out a delicious variety of beers but also some finger licking gorgeously succulent grilled chicken. It’s got a great atmosphere and is open all through the day #DeBierTuin . www.debiertuin.nl


Half portion spiced grilled chicken from the spit/fire with fries. The dish is served with four different sauces of which the yellow colored bajan sauce is spicy and to die for!


#Pho91 Is another one of my newly discovered favorites. Its located in the Oud Pijp at the Albert Cuype market probably one of the most famous markets in the city. If you find yourself in Amsterdam on a cold rainy day which is truthfully not rare at all then pop in for some steaming hot Vietnamese rice pancake spring rolls, spicy lotus root salad or just a delectable bowl of ole pho! #Pho91 www.pho91.nl


As for finding that “Gezelligheid “Apartment we did! Now, if only my bid is accepted: P  and you might just have a gorgeous place to rent out and explore this jewel of a city.

Travel Information

The currency of The Netherlands is Euro and time difference from Qatar is +2 GMT in the summer or +1 in winter. Amsterdam is the capital city and sits in the north-eastern part of the country. The weather is mostly cold and rainy however the sun does shine occasionally :). The best time to visit is between the months of July and August.

Getting There

Qatar Airways: Flies 6 times a week to Schiphol International Airport (Except for Tuesdays) Check out current Ramadan Offers: http://www.qatarairways.com/qa/en/holidays/special-offers.page

KLM: Flies out of Doha 5 times a week

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If you need any more information on where to or how to please feel free to leave me a message in the comment section or mail me at questandmark@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “I AM STERDAM

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your food/dining experience in Amsterdam!
    Never knew of this beautiful places, so i definitely have to visit it with the family.


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