Travel And Aid

Last week around this time I caught a tweet going around about the launch of a new website called Inquisitive as a guinea pig, looking to be experimented on, I researched the site and found the site to be an initiative by Qatar Charity.


All exited to know more I then quickly looked up a couple of contacts and managed to get in touch with the man behind this amazing new venture. I was very pleased when I was enthusiastically answered back and In no time was a meeting set up to dig deeper into with its Strategic Planner Mohammed Al Shahawy. The week was turning out to be very fruitful and I was absolutely stoked! is a brilliant new initiative by Qatar Charity to involve the local community to give back to society. It is first of its kind in the region and provides a creative and innovative way for people to donate to relief and development programs and projects online.


If you’re wondering how this concept actually works? Here it is. You log on to the site and search a destination or hotel. The site then gives you a list of partner airlines to choose from and directs you to the dedicated official airline site. You search and book with the airline and at the end of a successful booking the partner Airline will donate a sum of the money directly to Qatar Charity. Can you believe it? Its as simple as that. currently has a tie up with some of the leading Airlines in the world namely Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad and Swiss Air to name a few. In the future however there are plans to have many additions to this lis. Also a system that will help you compare prices between the airlines instead of directing you to the airlines official website. A feature that most got my interest is the ability to choose a particular cause to donate to while making the booking. These features along with being able to go back to a history of your donations are being worked on currently and will be accessible on the site very soon. has already signed a partnership agreement with a group of the top airline, and these agreements mean that for every purchase made via the site the airline and hotel companies will make a donation for the benefit of charity work without adding any additional cost to the traveler.

As for the hotel the system used to donate is exactly the same as with airlines. All hotel bookings are linked to trip advisor where you will have access to plenty of hotels around the world including traveller’s reviews of course. You may also choose to book directly with a hotel brand or specific hospitality group.

With a trip planned to Amsterdam sometime next week I volunteered to be a Guinea pig put to the test. After a good amount of research and browsing though tons of places on the site I found us the perfect cozy weekend spot close to Vondle park my favorite place in Amsterdam. Its such a great feeling to know that just getting on to one page of a site to make a booking can make such a massive difference to someone somewhere.

I’ve been told the proceeds of donations to the site will be used to fund projects that contribute to the provision of clean water, health and social care, education and the economic empowerment of poor communities.

It’s the Holy month of Ramadan in a few days and I am sure plenty of you are looking for ways to travel back to see family or take that much awaited vacation. Try logging on to, book yourself that holiday and give back to society.

Every contribution can make a difference in helping make the world a better place.


This is how you can Travel and Donate

  • Access the site at via your computer browser or smartphone ·Find and compare between airlines and hotels.
  • Complete your purchase and the airline and hotel will donate a percentage of the price for the benefit of charitable projects.

You can also download the supported browser ‘EXTENSION’ that calculates all transactions automatically, making the process fast, safe and easy to use.

Go on then, what you waiting for?

Click… Travel….Aid!

Join my Quest and Mark your map X

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