Memorable Treasures

A few days ago a fellow travel blogger Miss @PolBag did a post on travel souvenirs. At the end of her post she asked bloggers to join in the monthly travel link up party! I jumped with joy at the offer and so I am carrying on the trend.

Through the week I have been rummaging through my stuff around the house to pic my favorite souvenirs. Here are a few of them with a little fun fact starting with my most favorite of course.

Leaves of LOVE:

After being married for 2 years and being on mini honeymoons around the world we decided we needed to have a proper one, one that we could officially call a honeymoon. It was pretty much a no brainer between the two of us and so decided to escape to Tuscany for a week! I picked these two leaves on a day that was the most romantic that week. An easy DIY later it is one of our best-framed memories!


Balinese Guitar:

This beauty was picked up from a handicraft market in Kuta beach- Bali. I was on a work trip and when I met a colleague who later became my best friend. This instrument reminds of the cracker of a time we had in Bali!


Boarding Pass Please!

This board is where I pin up all my boarding passes. I wish I had started collecting these much earlier. After every trip I pin the passes on to the board lying in guest washroom. Looks like I need a 3rd board soon 🙂



These are a few I have managed to keep away from my mother who loves for me collect magnets and then hand them over to her. She has most of the collection up on display I her kitchen. Often when I am back home she stares at them while we hang out in the kitchen and ask me to tell her stories of my travel to some of the countries I’ve visited.

Central Park

Last year around this time we travelled to 3 cities in the states and spent the last week with my darling sister and my family that flew in from India. We got a bit of strange rainy weather while we were then and hence this picture was so fitting of our time in NYC.


Pardon my French:

Last but not the least is this Le Creuset I recently purchased in Toulouse, France. I couldn’t think of anything more French to fly back home with. The funny story behind this gigantic hefty dish is that it traveled with me from Toulouse to Barcelona to Doha. It even got a train ride and a little city tour while transitting in Barcelona. After 12 hours of travel I was so exhausted that I happily dragged my bag into the apartment leaving this poor orange beauty at the doorstep. Only realizing the next day when I could find it in the house. I assumed the clumsy me had forgotten about it outside the apartment. Lucky for me the box untouched sat in a corner in the electrical room left there by the guards! Well since then its been treated very well and it shows its love back every time I cook in it.


If you’d like to join in the trending travel post… go on tell me what are some your memorable treasures. I’d like to thank @PolBag for this fun post party link up. Writing this post brought back so many fond memories of my travels. If you would like read some of her favorites head over to

Join my Quest and Mark your map X

5 thoughts on “Memorable Treasures

  1. Love love love this post! Have you linked it up on Emma, Kelly, Rebecca or Jaime’s blogs yet? If not, then head over here: and link it to the bottom so that all the others can see it too!

    You have such a lovely collection of items and love the story behind your Le Creuset dish (kudos to you for lugging it around the world – I know how heavy they are!). I love your photos too – you’ve obviously had so much fun putting this together 🙂

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

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