Yum Yum @ K108, Doha

Since the Holy Month of Ramadan is only 18 days away from now I’ve decided to go on a restaurant hunt in the next two weeks to bring you food reviews and find out the best places to eat around town. Starting 18th of June given most stand alone restaurants will be closed all through the day or atleast until Iftar , I am reviewing All day dining’s in a Hotel setup this month. The Count down begins!!!

My first stop is Yum Yum at Hotel K108, A 100% charity driven hotel that donates all funds to ROTA (Reach Out To Asia) & PCRF (The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund)


Sold on the both the name and concept I think this is the perfect way to kickoff Ramadan Season. For me – It was give back Thursday and we were ready to eat for a great cause.

Hidden in the inner streets of Old Doha Hotel K108 maybe hard to find. Parking could also be a bit of hassle around that part of town so I suggest you dumb you car and hail a taxi. Whatever it is just do not give up on this place cause now comes the part where all you troubles come to an end.


As I passed the sliding entrance doors I was transported to different world rigt in the middle of old Doha. Cut work ceiling and a tastfully done lobby is absolutely enthralling and it will mostly leave you staring in awe. To me the ceiling reminded me of local artist and designer Noor Abuissa’s work. Don’t trust me check out @Noorabuissa on Instagram to see the resemblance.


Yum Yum is located on the 11th floor and overlooks the old part of the city. Try and get a reservation by the window to enjoy your meal with a view.

The menu is small and perfectly elaborate to please all taste buds. Starters are priced between 40 QR to 55 QR, which is a steal deal for gourmet food in Doha. I got the Lobster salad served with watermelon, avocado and summer garden it was absolutely divine, perfectly seasoned and had the right amount of citrus flavor to wake up my tired taste buds.


My friends and food buddies on strict diet routine opted for an Asparagus Salad with poached egg served with rocket in a honey yogurt dressing. If you are on a diet and you enjoy eating healthy then this is a definitely a place for you!


After much contemplation our mains were ordered. I asked for exactly what caught my eye at first glance – Lamb rack seasoned with cumin and served on a bed of chopped carrot and olive. Very impressed that the meat was served in time and exactly the way I asked for it to be cooked – Medium Rare cause that’s how I Like it!


Again the boys keeping with the 40-day diet chose Salmon with vegetable tian and basil puree. I have to say though I did not have a taste of it, it did look stupendously delicious. A few minutes later when I saw empty plates staring back at me in no time I completely believed it was really good.


Dessert for us was a no go after that a huge meal but when asked for a cup of tea with jumped at the offer.

With a wide selection of teas to choose from we took our time to order and enjoyed the view sipping on it once it arrived.

Having been done with dinner by 11pm we decided to snoop around the hotel a bit and explore some more before we left.

Damages: 520 QR

– 3 Starters: 165 QR

– 3 Entrées: 285 QR

– 4 Drinks: 70 QR

Final verdict: Gourmet food at reasonable prices making it a perfect place for value for money. Service was impeccable and the serves were knowledgeable. This spacious restaurant is extremely family friendly, has a relaxed vibe and ambience with an amazing view of the city.

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