Soul to Seoul – South Korean Food Journey

I truly enjoy South Korean cuisine. I’ve been lucky enough to visit South Korea a few times during my cabin crew days and I have experienced eating like the locals do, at little family run food joints outside of the city centre. I was told that Korean food has a very acquired taste, and that you either like it or you don’t. I must admit, a lot of the flavours I experienced in that first meal in that tiny restaurant had me quite perplexed. But one of the first things that I tried, spicy Sundubu, a fiery red soft tofu soup had me hooked. And it’s still one of my favourite dishes till today.

So when I found out that Intercontinental The City in West Bay was launching a South Korean food festival in two of their restaurants for three weeks, I was excited to fully partake. I was invited for a tasting session the night before they officially launched, but just a few bites here and there was obviously not enough so I planned a proper dinner with two of my friends who are avid foodies themselves.

We picked Hwang, the pan-Asian restaurant on the first floor because they feature Shabu-shabu in their menu. Even though it’s actually a Japanese dish, but I was desperate for a good hot pot and in South East Asia where I’m from, hot pot is hugely celebrated and taken very seriously.

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