El Faro @ Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha

Girls nights have become quite a rare occasion in the last couple of years, so when the idea came up two weeks ago, and the three of us actually had time to spare one night, we jumped at it like a drowning man grasping for a life saver. With one of us a full time mom, another living the hectic life of constant travel and endless events, and me, busy with whatever the heck that comes my way. We threw on our heels, a nice outfit and happily went off to check out the new Kempinski Hotel at The Pearl, called Marsa Malaz.

I really wish I had taken a photo of the building as we drove up to it, because it’s one enormous breathtaking massivity, lighted up to dazzle. The hotel itself boats about 3200 pieces of art installations all over and inside the property, and that is well impressive in true glorious Arabic style. Though not all of its restaurants and clubs are open yet, the ones that are, are already operating at full swing and pomp. Currently they’ve got an Italian, Spanish and an all day dining restaurant called Sawa running ,and a beautiful cigar lounge entertaining guests as well. We opted for the Spanish restaurant called El Faro.

It’s enormously spacious with indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a bar and separate private dining section. Several conversation inducing paintings covered the walls, which I’m sure would delight any kind of art lover.

Since one of us had had a big tea earlier on, and two of us had a few snack-y things before coming, we opted to have just tapas and wine. An obvious way to still eat several things and not feel like over eating. “It’s just tapas”, as my greedy brain would say. I really wish I remembered the bottle of sparkling wine we ordered, a lovely Spanish brut that was so good we didn’t stop at one bottle. I’ll be sure to note that down the next time as I definitely want to go back for the paella.

We ordered the Chorizo selection along with Spanish cheeses, Gambas al Ajillo, Tempura de Berenjena and Rabo de Toro.

 The chorizo selection had a couple of different kinds, mostly beef and turkey meat. Finely sliced pieces of yummy chorizo came with pretty good goats cheese, Manchego and a type of cheddar I think. We were so busy catching up, I had forgotten to get their proper cheese names. But of course we never forget to take a picture, don’t we.

IMG_9410Chorizo and Spanish cheese selection

Read the full review on https://www.storehouse.co/stories/p1c1r-el-faro-tapas-bar-restaurant

 Bon Appetit x Priscilla Emmanuel

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