Shisha Terrace @ Four Seasons, Doha

There was a secret going around town of a newly renovated shisha terrace at the Four Seasons Doha. While the whole city was going Goo Goo.. Gaa Gaa over the worlds largest Nobu opening its doors to this part of the desert, this chic shisha lounge terrace sat still and mum just across the water.

I had family visiting from Holland a few weeks ago and hence decided to give them an taste of authentic Doha. We popped in to this exquisitely designed contemporary and sophisticated lounge over the weekend to huff and puff a bit of the local love – Shisha otherwise also known as Hookah.


Upon entering the main lobby of the hotel we enquired about the location of the lounge just then a charming and enthusiastic young man greeted us right away and asked us to follow him. He walked us straight right to the terrace at a pace we tried to catch up to. A good 2 minutes latter we are at the lounge and handed over to the staff there.

Now before we even set foot into the this place I have to say I was swoon away by the long alley way of this restaurant that extended right into the water and the long open glass terrace. The décor of the lounge is spectacular and takes advantage of the Hotel’s premier waterfront location.


We were led to our table, which was a beautiful pool facing white couch and most importantly had a stunning view of the space ship like structure of Nobu floating out into the ocean across us.

Well settled and greetings exchanged we were give a brief on the menu. The lounge has a minimum charge of 185 QR per person, which to me is not hard to reach given the prices.

I glanced through the menu and with some help and suggestions I dive in and order my self a signature shisha – called Vapologie! Sold on the name itself I was even further convinced when our very pleasant and attentive server mentioned it had no tobacco in it all. One organic healthy shisha for me please!

I ordered a few more regular shishas for my non-adventurous visitors along with a mix of cold and warm mezzes.

A few minutes later a fancy not so shisha looking object arrived at our table. It was everything I wouldn’t have imagined a shisha to be. A big metal funnel filled with ice rested on the wooden stand with a sleek pipe attached to it. It looked as modern as the décor of this place.


A few puffs and I could definitely tell the difference from the regular shisha but had no complains. It was light on the throat , had a subtle taste to it and was not shisha like and yet it was good.

My guests were happy they had settled for the authentic one and were delighted to enjoy the real deal.

The food later arrived and was very good. We had 2 different Saj. One with halloumi and the other with zataar and kashkawan both were absolutely delicious and vanished in no time. You can also make your own saj by choosing and mixing fillings of your choice. We also ordered for a lamb shawarma and as mentioned by the staff we had to try the falafal wrap which is usually a bestseller here. For me personally however the Saj was the highlight of the mezzes dished out.


The lounge also offers a variety of mocktails that are priced at 50 QR each. If you would like to try something new I recommend the Sahlab which is a warm milk drink that contains sesame seeds, Shredded coconut, sugar raisins and nuts. The tea selection is also quite vast with plenty of refreshing Moroccan and fruity flavors to choose from.


Service was impeccable all night and not once were rushed even though the lounge soon got busy and a few walk in guests were asked to wait. Funny fact but totally true the local textile cushions were so eye catching, I secretly wished I could take them home at the end of the night.

Simply put the lounge is a just a sophisticated shisha lounge featuring a unique unobstructed magical view of the water and the city all year long.

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