There is no going back….

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To kick off my blog I have chosen to tell you something about myself that is certainly not very interesting and yet highly crucial to all my stories. Without the core of how, when and why I could not tell you – the when where and what. So here it is….

Almost a decade ago I flew 2335 km away from home to this little peninsula in the southeast of Asia called Qatar. I moved to this country to follow my dreams. Dreams that involved soaring up in the sky! Now I am sure none of you heard of the country up until the most recent FIFA 2022 World Cup controversy. Don’t you worry, I am not going to judge you for you ignorance but I do advice you to go look it up on the map.

My life story apart given the fact that this minute little multi trillionaire of a country borders with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf believe you me when I say that keeping entertained can be quite a task. Being centrally located however the one thing that is easy to do is to be able to hop, skip and jump across to either sides of the globe. And so I have in the past years relentlessly been collecting countries, ticking off cities and making memories. No kidding, I’ve managed to log in 6 continents, 53 countries and 75 cities to be precise.

While I was on my last travel escapade a thought that dawned upon me was, that all these beautiful impressions and mental pictures needed to be documented somewhere. Who can say, before I know it I am ancient as a fossil and I am diagnosed with the life threatening disease of Alzheimer’s & Dementia. That’s simply how I came to conclusion of a blog and that was easy right? You bet!

Now comes the not so easy part.

How to start a blog? Definitely not the smartest question to ask for a person who loves the idea of blogging. But yes there I was just as every other ignorant amateur blogger trying to find out more about what I love.

The process though long……gruesome……confusing and tiring was surprisingly rewarding. I started by consulting ‘wiki’ the worlds most trusted friend. I then sat, slept & ate on the idea for days and days after which I found out what I always knew. Yes! I found my true love, my passion & my obsession. I gave it a name and in no time I was at step 3 – ‘Spy on your competition’.

I know this sounds freaky but being the Virgo that I am I had to follow the steps very meticulously looking and seeking for wise advice from my other trusted friend ‘Google’.

Very soon I was typing way yet another question – Top 20 travel blogs! What came up next was not surprising at all. Truth be told it was a wee bit disheartening but most importantly and certainly most definitely Google made an extremely challenging statement.

“If there’s one thing the web is not short of, it’s people blogging about their travels”

QuestandMark is an online source of my curated travel stories. It is for the natural vagabond, psychic gypsy, lost traveler or the defying drifter looking for the where, when and how of travel.

I am constantly dreaming, plotting and planning another sweet great escape.

Join my Quest and Mark your map!


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